Steel Wheels

Fitment & PCD

Our range includes 5 x 205 pcd original style steel wheels and Sprintstar Wheels for the VW Beetle, Split van, Early Bay bus, early Type 3, Trekker and Karmann Ghia as well as 4 x 130 steel wheels to suit later model VW Beetles, Ghias and Type 3s.

We also carry various 5 x 112 pcd steel wheels, to fit Late Bay and Type 25 models.

Choose from our range of Buggy and Baja steel wheels in 5x205 and 4x130 pcds.

For watercooled VW owners, we have a range of G60 style steel wheels in 4x100 for Mk1 to Mk3 Golfs, Jettas, Sciroccos and Corrados and 5x100 fitments for later Mk3 & Mk4 Golfs.

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