Black Diamond Brake Pad Set for 239 Discs WC698PP098 >

Black Diamond Brake Pad Set for 239 Discs

Black Diamond Brake Pad Set for 239 Discs >

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Black Diamond Predator brake pads for 239x20mm and 239x12mm discs with sliding calipers.

Mk1 Golf 239x20mm discs

Mk2 Golf 239x20mm discs
Mk3 Golf 239x12mm discs

Black Diamond performance brake pads are manufactured using a low dust, high friction, high temperature compound with a heat transfer layer allowing heat to transfer away from the disc. This allows operating temperatures of up to 520 degrees Celsius without brake fade. Sold in sets of 4.


Top Quality


Length 140mm Width 50mm Thickness 15mm


1.1040 kg

For Vehicles

Caddy 1983-1992 | Golf Cabrio 1979-1992 | Golf Mk1 1975-1983 | Golf Mk2 1984-1992 | Golf Mk3 1992-1998 | Scirocco 1974-1989

Product Questions

Good afternoon,

I have a mk1 caddy pick up with vented discs, will these pads be suitable for my vehicle?


Question by: Michael Grieveson on 4 Sep 2018 15:43:00
If the discs are 239mm diameter they should fit.
Answer by: Ben Pascoe (Admin) on 4 Sep 2018 16:09:00