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VW T4 Suspension

VW T4 Suspension Parts

VW Heritage are the leading suppliers of genuine VW parts and accessories including VW Transporter suspension parts. We can supply everything you need for your Bus suspension from a replacement T4 suspension bush, through to VW T4 shock absorbers and complete T4 Transporter lowering kits. Many ex-commercial vehicles have had hard lives, so it’s a good idea to renew all the T4 suspension bushes before putting your T4 project back on the road. Years spent bumping up and down curbs, hitting pot holes on building sites, and essentially owners trying to save money by skipping on maintenance all take its toll on your Transporter. Worn our T4 shocks, broken T4 springs and split gaiters are all things you can expect on first inspection!

Modify or Restore?

The ‘Slammed T4’thing isn’t for everyone and it takes a certain VW T4 enthusiast to brave the British roads with their chassis only centimetres from the deck. If you are keen for the lowered T4 look though T4 coilovers are your best bet. Offering height adjustability, you can set up your T4 stance depending on wheel and tyre size, and also how much weight you are carrying in the back.

If comfort and practicality is more your thing, we also supply a full range of original T4 suspension components, to ensure your Transporter suspension is restored back to standard. Worry not about speed bumps and potholes, your replacement T4 bushes will soak up the worst of it no problem. Farm tracks to access campsites can be easily traversed, our heavy duty T4 shocks and T4 springs making sure you won’t need a dentist on speed dial to replace a filling each time you go for a drive.

Best quality T4 suspension

Upgrading your T4 suspension can be an expensive game, but it’s very true that you get what you pay for. If you can afford it we would recommend Eibach T4 springs and Bilstein T4 suspension; for the best mix of ride comfort and performance.

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