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VW T4 Seals & Rubber

VW T4 Rubber Seals

Often overlooked in favour of ‘quick fix’ VW T4 accessories, we really believe in treating your Transporter to the best quality rubber components to keep the weather outside where it belongs!

Puddles inside your T4?

It usually takes a water leak to hammer home the importance of investing in good VW T4 door seals, or quality VW T4 window seals. Having spent out on a nice interior, the last thing you want is the weather to come inside and spoil it all. As VW T4 enthusiasts we are all too familiar with finding small puddles inside our Volkswagens. If you have gone to the effort of fitting carpet inside, it then all gets wet, and can go mouldy; especially if you don’t realise you have had a T4 water leak for a while.

It will happen…

As your T4 gets older and its rubber components start to perish and crack the water will find its way inside, one way or another. If you have recently completed a VW T4 restoration then your bus deserves for you to splash out on new T4 rubber seals too. Not only will they look nicer, but they’ll perform much better when the rain comes. You should see a reduction in wind and road noise by fitting new VW T4 window seals also.

EPDM Rubber

A rubber is a rubber, right? Well, not quite; there’s some science behind how and why our VW T4 door seals are so good. It comes down to the percentage of plastic included when the rubber is manufactured and the fact that ‘ethylene propylene diene monomer’ or EPDM rubber as it’s better known is a synthetic blend, designed specifically to be flexible and durable in automotive applications. If you are searching for new VW T4 scraper seals, Transporter window seals or Caravelle door seals, we can definitely help.

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