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VW T4 Fuel & Induction

VW T4 Fuel filters

It’s important to regularly change your T4 fuel filter to keep your T4 engine running at its best. Many VW T4 vehicles have had their service schedules skipped over the years, as ‘they just go on and on’ anyway. At some point the luck will come to an end and it could land you with a big bill if you’re not careful.

VW T4 Air Filters

All VW T4 engines need to breathe in order to run, and they take this much needed oxygen in through the VW T4 air filter. The T4 air filter is a service item, and should be inspected every year and changed when it gets dirty. We also stock performance T4 airfilters from Pipercross. Not only to these allow an increased air flow, they are cleanable, so you never need buy another VW T4 airfilter again!

VW T4 Fuel Hose

VW Heritage have all you need when it comes to T4 fuel hose and T4 fuel pipes. From cotton braided fuel line, to stainless steel braided fuel hose we can supply it all. Whatever job you are carrying out, count on our team of VW T4 experts to offer you the best advice with regards to the VW T4 fuel system. Don’t forget to order enough T4 fuel pipe grommets and T4 hose clips too; the old ones on your T4 are likely to have seen better days!

VW Transporter Fuel Pumps

Whether your drive a petrol or diesel Transporter you will have a T4 fuel pump fitted somewhere on the vehicle. Along with our great range of T4 fuel injection parts we are able to offer almost everything you might need to solve your T4 running problems or get your Transporter back on the road after a breakdown.

VW T4 Turbochargers

If you are lucky enough to own a turbocharged T4, you’ll be pleased to know we offer a full complement of VW T4 boost hoses, not to mention a replacement VW T4 turbo for both 1.9TD and 2.5TD models. Should the worst happen and your VW T4 Turbo cause you some issues we can supply T4 turbo parts to you or your garage on a next day delivery.

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