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VW T4 Cooling System, Heating

VW Heritage for T4 Cooling System, Heating & Ventilation Parts

VW Heritage are first choice for Transporter owners all over the world when it comes to finding VW T4 coolant and T4 heating components. Whether you are shopping for a replacement T4 radiator, T4 water hose, or a T4 heater matrix we can help. Our team of experts are on hand to guide you through identifying exactly which T4 radiator hose you might need, or helping to diagnose the cause of a T4 coolant leak. /p>

Split T4 hoses?

Your VW T4 coolant hose might have split, or you could find a seal has split or the plastic has cracked on one of the T4 coolant flanges bolted to the cylinder head. If you are unsure we are happy to take a look at a photo of your VW Transporter cooling system to help you identify the problem. Alternatively we could advise you of a local VW specialist to take a look in person.

T4 overheating?

There are quite a few reasons you could find your VW T4 overheating. You could have a blocked or leaking T4 radiator, or a broken VW T4 waterpump. If you can smell exhaust gases in your T4 expansion tank (note: only open this when the engine is cold, hot T4 coolant is under pressure and it could burn you) then you may also have a T4 head gasket failure. Double check for signs of water and oil mixture on the oil cap (which shows up like mayonnaise) as another indication that this is the case.

T4 Antifreeze is essential

Regardless of whether you own a Diesel or a Petrol T4, make sure you look after it with the best quality T4 cooling system parts. On hot days your engine needs to be topped up with T4 coolant to stop it from overheating, and on cold days it is essential to have a good mix of T4 antifreeze to stop water freezing in the water channels. When water freezes it expands, and this can cause cracking of the cylinder head, leading to T4 coolant leaks and poor performance.

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