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VW T4 Brakes

Volkswagen T4 Brakes

Whilst the VW T4 isn’t the quickest vehicle on the road, it is still essential to be able to slow it down when you come to stationary traffic, junctions or a campsite! Volkswagen T4 brakes are pretty complicated; but not because of the system or the mechanics behind them, but because so many different versions of VW T4 brakes exist.

Double check your VW Transporter brake system

Unless you are 100% sure on the specification of your VW T4 disc brakes, then we would always advise you to double check your PR code. T4 Brake pads and T4 discs differ between years, engine sizes and wheel size fitted. The PR code can be found in your owner’s manual and also on a sticker on the vehicle itself, and this will tell you the exact T4 brake system your van is fitted with.

We stock six different versions of the front T4 brake caliper, all available with the matching T4 brake pads. The later model T4 brake pads have wear indicators built in. Some T4 Caravelle calipers are different to VW Transporter brake calipers and Syncro models too, again something the PR code will let you know.

Brake hoses are just as important as discs and pads!

It’s important to not only regularly check on the condition of your T4 discs and pads but also your T4 brake hoses and the brake fluid too. T4 brake fluid should be changed every few years as it absorbs moisture, making it less effective and can corrode the metal T4 brake pipes from the inside. Being a hydraulically operated braking system, it is essential that there is no T4 brake fluid leaking from one of your VW Transporter brake hoses or about to leak out; as this could leave you with much reduced stopping power. You need to have confidence that when you press the brake pedal, which operates your T4 brake master cylinder that the fluid will operate the front and rear T4 brakes with maximum efficiency.

Should you need any help with deciding which T4 brake parts you require, click on the Live Chat icon, or give us a call 01273 444000 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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