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VW Split Screen Exhaust & Heating

Original Style VW Camper Exhausts

Before placing your order, it is essential that you check which type of VW exhaust system your van requires, and whether it is single or twin port version. This can be done if you are unsure, by looking at the code on your engine crankcase. It’s not recommended to use the production year or log book as many vans do not have the original engine. The chart listed below can help. The standard Split Screen Van exhaust system consists of inlet manifold, two heat exchangers, the silencer itself, and the tailpipe.

Aftermarket Bus Exhausts 1955-67

If you are looking to upgrade your system, SSP offer a huge range of aftermarket VW exhaust systems to suit any style of VW bus, from stock to rat look. However Split buses may require inner rear panel modification to accommodate header systems. This usually only applies to >1963. There are a large number of things to consider when selecting a VW exhaust. For example, you must consider the ground and bodywork clearance, size, style, noise rating, the coatings as well as deciding on an appropriate 'header' (the pipework that connects your silencer to the inlet manifold.) For help and advice on selecting any of our VW Bus exhausts telephone or email our sales team details of which can be found in the contacts page.

D 8/65> 34BHP
1300SP F 8/65 - 7/70
1300TP AB 8/70 - 7/73
1300TP AR* 8/73 - 7/75
1500SP H 8/65 - 7/70
1500SP L 8/66 - 7/70 40BHP
1600SP B 8/68 - 8/70 40BHP
1600TP AD 8/70 - 7/73 50BHP
1600TP AE 8/70 - 12/72 50BHP
1600TP AF 8/70 - 9/92 46BHP
1600TP AH 8/71 - 7/74 47BHP
1600TP AJ 8/74 - 1/80 50BHP
1600TP AK 8/72 - 7/74 47BHP
1600TP AS 8/73 - 1/80 50BHP

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