VW Split Screen Bumpers

Stainless Steel Bus Bumpers

Our stainless steel VW bus bumpers are the perfect way to replace your rusty & bent original bumpers. Manufactured from top quality stainless steel they will always stay shiney & will never rust. Don’t forget to order new bumper bolts while you're here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 01273 444 000 or via on the ‘live chat’ button and we would be happy to help.

History Of The VW Splitscreen Transporter (T1)

In 1962, VW produced a heavy duty version of the Type 2, load capacity was up from 750kg to 1000kg, the 15” wheels had been replaced by wider 14” versions, and the engine had been upgraded to a 42hp 1500cc engine. This model was such a success that the following year the 1200cc transporter was discontinued.

’62 Buses also had new “fisheye” type indicators replacing the “Bullet” type ones that had been used on the Bus and Beetle since VW made the switch over from Semaphores in 1958. 1963’s Type 2 had a more powerful 1493cc 51bhp, the ’67 Beetle used a different variant of this engine to produce 54hp.