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History Of The VW Splitscreen Transporter (T1)

The Fleetline Bus is basically a 1950’s spec split-screen bus that was produced in kit form in Brazil then shipped to South Africa for assembly, as a complete knock-down kit. Essentially unchanged from the original spec, there are a few differences once you look a little closer, the VW emblem on the front of the bus is pressed into the panel, as opposed to being a separate part, the cargo doors are similar to that of a Barndoor bus (i.e. lighter in construction) they have pre ’64 style door handles, and pre ’64 style small rear tailgates.

They were available in 3 different versions, a basic panel van, with the narrow tailgate, but Deluxe type wide rear windscreen, a bus, which was very similar to a deluxe bus, but without a sunroof or skylights or a wide bodied pickup. A rare beast, Fleetlines were only made from 1976 to 1978, and VWSA confirm production numbers of 849.