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History Of The VW Splitscreen Transporter (T1)

According to official lines, the tax was equal to that of the lost revenue for the exported chicken. Audio tapes from the White House revealed slightly deeper routed reasoning’s, with discussions between Johnson and the president of the United Auto Workers union resulting in a deal where the Union wouldn’t go on strike just before the 1964 presidential election, providing President Johnson acted upon VW’s increasing number of vehicles being imported into the US. The chicken tax affected all commercial variants of the Type, so panel vans, and pick-ups; this was to have a massive effect on VW’s sales, with Type 2 Commercial sales falling by over a 3rd between 1963, and 1964.

The effects of the chicken tax were that by the late 60s VW commercial vans were virtually non-existent in the US. As of 2010 the chicken tax still remains in effect.


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