VDO Cockpit Fuel Gauge for Beetle Sender 52mm Black V301020 >

VDO Cockpit Fuel Gauge for Beetle Sender 52mm Black

VDO Cockpit Fuel Gauge for Beetle Sender 52mm Black >

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VDO ''Cockpit'' fuel gauge.

52mm, black bezel, black face with white numbers and a red needle.

Can be used with a standard sender with some adjustment, see fitting info.


Top Quality


Compatible with senders that read 60 - 90 Ohms (empty) to 0.5 Ohms (full).
Full reading adjustment: Most stock VW senders are 80 - 10 Ohms, however the range on some senders can be adjusted to read 0.5 Ohms when full by adjusting the lever arm and lever arm stop. They must be able to read 0.5 Ohms so that the gauge will read full.
Empty reading adjustment: The gauge can be calibrated to read empty with 60 - 90 Ohm sender via the calibration screw on the side of the fuel gauge.


10-80 Ohms

For Vehicles

Beetle 1968-1979 | Beetle Cabrio 1968-1979

Product Questions

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I previously purchased from VWH a fuel sender SKU: 2119 19051A and I was advised over the chat line that it was compatible with this fuel gauge. I subsequently purchased this fuel gauge as it is not possible to get a replacement fuel gauge for my 1976 Bay Window kombi. I have only recently had reason to fill my tank an have noticed the gauge is not registering full (it shows about 7/8). Please confirm that this fuel gauge is compatible with the fuel sender I bought above and perhaps the gauge not registering full may be within the accuracies and tolerances expected from this matching of fuel sender and fuel gauge.

Barry Denny
Question by: Barry Donald Denny on 14 Jan 2018 02:05:00
The impedance range is compatible on both gauge and sender. If you remove the sender wire from the sender and put straight to earth it should read full on the gauge. Please check your earth connections are clean. Remember that the wiring is possibly 40 years old and resistance builds in the cables
Answer by: Ben Pascoe (Admin) on 15 Jan 2018 16:24:00
What is the Ohm Range on this?
Question by: Bob lee on 16 Aug 2017 14:07:00
10-80 Ohm
Answer by: Ben P (Admin) on 16 Aug 2017 14:09:00