VW Type25 Bus Steering

VW Camper Steering Wheels 1980-91

We supply a wide range of wheels to suit all tastes from stock Type 25 steering wheels all the way through to wild custom VW Caravelle steering wheels. For a more custom look then you can choose from our Grant wheels which range from metalflake to chainlink wheels – in sizes from 10 to 15 inch. These steering wheels will give your Type 25 Van a more unique and individual look. We also stock a wide range of VW Transporter steering wheels from Flat 4, so you can be sure to find the perfect Type 25 steering wheel.

VW Camper Steering Assembly

In addition to the VW Camper Steering wheels themselves, supply a huge range of VW Camper Steering components. Our VW bus 1980-91 steering racks are sold as complete units, along with all the necessary flanges, clamps and our tie rod assembly components include the steering damper and rods

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History Of The VW Type 25 Transporter (T3)

Diesel Engines
All the diesel engines offered in the TYPE 25 were all based on various Golf engines, hence the inline 4 cylinder layout, they were offered in the following configurations: At the same time as the introduction of the wasserboxer engines, the appearance of the TYPE 25 changed, with the rear vents being replaced by mould plastic covers, and the 2nd lower grille on the front for the radiator.


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