SSP Alloy Wheels

Why choose SSP Wheels?

In April 2009, after nearly 2 years of research and development work improving the fit and quality of our rims, we took delivery of our first container of wheels. Our new range of classic VW wheels, manufactured exclusively for Street Style and Power, finally combines timeless design, guaranteed quality, hassle free fitting and incredible value!

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How to choose your new wheels

Step 1 - Find out what stud pattern/PCD you have.

Pitch Circle Diameter - You need to know the pcd or Pitch Circle Diameter. This is the diameter of the invisible circle formed by scribing a circle that passes through the centre point of each mounting hole. We express this as the number of holes / the diameter in mm.
Early Beetle & Early Bus, 5/205
Late Beetle, Ghia, Type 3, 4/130
Late Bay & Type 25, 5/112
Porsche 5 Stud Fitment, 5/130

Offset -
The offset of a wheel is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centre line of the wheel. This is expressed in mm with the letters ET preceding the measurement e.g ET35.

Alloy Wheels -
All SSP custom alloy wheels are supplied with chrome valves, centre caps and the correct bolts or nuts. Always check for bolt to brake clearance by rotating the wheel prior to tightening the bolts. Some early 5 stud cars may require the bolts to be shortened.