VW T25 Suspension

A Short History Of The VW Type 25 (cont.)

Over the life of the T25 VW offered several different variants of both the waterboxer engines:

Petrol Engines

  • DH, 1913cc, 83bhp,
  • Digijet fuel injection DF, 1913cc, 59bhp,
  • 34-PICT Carburetor DG, 1913cc, 76bhp, 2E3 or 2E4 Carburetor
  • EY, 1913cc, 55bhp, 34-PICT Carburetor
  • GW, 1913cc, 89bhp, Digijet fuel injection
  • MV, 2100cc, 95bhp, Digifant fuel injection
  • SS, 2100cc, 90bhp,
  • DJ, 2100cc, 112bhp, Digijet fuel injection

Diesel Engines

All the diesel engines offered in the T25 were all based on various Golf engines, hence the inline 4 cylinder layout, they were offered in the following configurations:

  • 1588cc, 48bhp
  • 1588cc, Turbocharged, 70bhp
  • 1700cc, 54bhp
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