VW Type 2 Split Screen Gearbox & Transmission Parts

A Short History Of The VW Type 2 'Splitscreen' (cont.)

The Standard was based on the Kombi and was considered the entry-level passenger vehicle, slightly better levels of interior trim than the Kombi. Standards were usually finished in a two tone paint scheme.

The Deluxe was the premium model in the range, the exterior was fitted with polished aluminium trim on the beltline, and 4 more windows had been added. 2 on each side, and 2 wraparound windows which spanned the gap between the tailgate and the side glass on models up until 1963, these Deluxes were known as 15 windows, the later models with a larger tailgate and no corner glass were known as 13 windows.

It was possible to order both the 15, and 13 window Deluxes with Skylight windows, (AKA Samba’s) bringing the totals up to 23 and 21 windows respectively. Samba’s also came with a full length canvas sun-roof, though could be spec’d from the factory without. Early 15’s and 23’s featured corner windows and skylights made of Plexiglas, though from 1954 the Skylights were replaced with glass, and in 1955 the corner windows were also replaced with glass.

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