VW Type 2 Split Screen Fuel & Induction

A Short History Of The VW Type 2 'Splitscreen' (cont.)

The “Barndoor” models

The term “Barndoor” refers to buses made between 1949 – March 1955, and is believed to be coined by Jeff Walters in the 1980’s. Barndoor buses appear to look similar to the later split buses on initial inspection, but there are quite a few differences once you start to dig a little deeper.

The Barndoor bus has no “peak” above the windscreen, no tailgate, a small rear windscreen, a much larger engine lid (this is what the “Barndoor” refers to, not as many believe the side cargo doors) with the petrol tank sat in the engine compartment, to the right of the engine, and the spare wheel mounted on the left hand side. Barndoor pickups and ambulances are slightly different in this respect as ambulances feature a rear hatch (see ambulance section) and pickups have a smaller engine cover, however both of these models use a cut down version of the original engine cover. Whilst there are a lot of Barndoor parts that will fit a later split, and vice versa there are quite a few parts that are specific to the Barndoor; pedal box, reduction boxes, 3-post badge, spare tyre rack, front windscreens, seats, roof, dashboard and instruments, engine lid, rear apron, front suspension and steering.

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