VW Type 2 Split Screen Engine Parts

A Short History Of The VW Type 2 'Splitscreen' (cont.)

Upon looking at a split screen bus you’d be hard pushed to believe any consideration had been give to aerodynamics during its conception, however the initial prototypes had achieved very poor drag coefficients, around 0.75. The wind tunnel at the technical University in Braunschweig had been used to refine the shape, and the Cd was reduced to around 0.48 by the introduction of a V-shape to the nose and windscreen area. Heinz Nordhoff approved the new vehicle for production in 1949, and the first production model left the production line in November of 1949. A total of 8 vehicles were made in 1949, with the split being; 6 panels, 1 Kombi and 1 Microbus. By the end of 1950 production was over 8000 units, rising to nearly 50,000 for the last year of Barndoor production.

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