Mk1 Scirocco Gearbox & Transmission Parts

Buy your VW Scirocco Mk1 gearbox and VW Scirocco Mk1 Clutch parts here!

VW Heritage offer an extensive range of parts for the Scirocco Mk1 transmission, from gearbox parts to performance clutches. To browse or buy the parts you need, just follow the links below, or read on for further information on the lines we supply for the VW Scirocco Mk1 gearbox.

Volkswagen Scirocco Mk1 Gearbox Parts

We can supply a wide range of gearbox parts for VW Scirocco Mk1, including rebuild kits for both shifter mechanisms and linkages. We also offer SmartShift linkage kits from USRT, which use a combination of rosejointed linkages, as well as Delrin bushes to transform the standard VW 020 transmission linkages.

Volkswagen Scirocco Mk1 Clutch Parts

VW Heritage offer a selection of VW Scirocco Mk1 clutch parts, including clutch cables, standard clutches from Sachs and VW Scirocco Mk1 performance clutches from Black Diamond. In our online store you will find a wide range of gearbox components – both stock and performance. And remember, if you have a query about any of our VW Scirocco Mk1 transmission parts – or if you can’t find the part you require – just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

The G's Cont.

The Rallye Golf was an expensive car back in the day, with a £20,000 price tag (similar to that of a reasonably high spec BMW 5 series) and an 8v GTI could be had for little over £10,000, VW needed to do something to sell the Rallye on it's luxury credentials and not just its performance (which somewhat embarrassingly was slower than a GTI 16v of the same era), so they did what they knew best, and ticked all the option boxes, the official UK car was named the Rallye Golf SE, though officially imported, it was still only available as a LHD. Plans to sell the Rallye golf in the US were never followed up, but it is believed that a couple of prototype cars were made.


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