Mk1 Scirocco Electrical Systems

VW Scirocco Electrical Parts

VW Heritage have sourced parts from around the world to offer the widest range of VW Scirocco electrical parts available. In this section we’ve broken it down into the following areas;


This covers VW Scirocco alternators.


This is where you’ll find VW Scirocco coils, HT Leads, Distributors etc.


As you would expect, this is where you’ll find VW Scirocco starter motors.


This section covers all aspects of VW Scirocco exterior lighting including VW Scirocco headlights and VW Scirocco rear lights, stock or aftermarket, as well as light switches.


Here you’ll find a selection of Autometer and VDO VW Scirocco gauges as well as all the appropriate senders, mounting cups, and dash mounts.

Misc. Switches & Senders

If you can’t find a switch or sender in any of the other sections, chances are it’ll be in here.


As the name suggests, this is where you’ll find any VW Scirocco wiper related parts, including switches, jets, and washer bottle pumps.

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