Mk1 Scirocco Brakes

Buy your VW Scirocco Mk1 & Mk2 brake parts here

As you'd expect VW Heritage offer a comprehensive selection of VW Scirocco Mk1 & Mk2 brake parts, we can supply everything from standard brake parts to cross drilled VW Scirocco Mk1 & Mk2 Black diamond discs. For ease of use, we've split the brake system into three parts, discs, calipers and pads, drums and shoes, and cables. Each of these sections is then sub divided into standard and performance parts.

For more information about VW Scirocco Mk1 & Mk2 Brakes, speak with one of our team either by clicking on the ‘live chat’ button or by calling our sales team on 01273 444 000.

The G's Cont.

The Golf Limited was a VW Motorsport-built special, with 71 being made, 69 of which were 5 doors - they featured a 210bhp 16v G60 motor (3G code), BBS RM split-rim wheels, Syncro 4wd, USDM bumpers, single lamp blue trimmed grilles, tinted Hella tail-lamps and exclusive VW Motorsport badging, they were available in one colour only, Black Metallic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given their exceptional spec, they were originally built for VAG Executives. This astonishingly capable car was capable of hitting 0-60mph in a little over 6 seconds then heading on towards a top speed of nearly 155mph.


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