Rubber Shop

Why fit anything other than the best? Best quality rubbers for your VW Project

Our windscreen seals are manufactured to the highest standard required by the motor industry.

The compound used is EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). It has excellent weather resistance, good high and low temperature resistance. In addition all joints are vulcanised like original seals, (not glued like some cheaper alternatives) and the corners are shaped.

Seals for your Volkswagen lighting

We don't only offer top quality window seals for VW, but also seals to protect your lighting from the wet stuff. VW Bus indicator seals, Volkswagen Beetle numberplate light seals and Beetle tail light seals are all available.

Top quality VW Window Rubbers

VW Heritage stock a wide range of rubbers and seals for your VW project and we have bundled them all together and put them here in our rubber shop.

Whether you're looking for a VW Golf windscreen seal, or a Beetle bumper iron rubber, you can find them in our online shop.