Mk1 & Mk2 Polo Wheels

VW Mk1&2 Polo Wheels & Accessories

VW Heritage can supply a comprehensive range of VW Mk1&2 Polo wheels, Including wheels for VW Mk1&2 Polo by Borbet, Lenso, Ronal, Rota, ATS as well as the VW G60 steels. All our wheels are available in packages with Yokohama tyres. We can also offer a range of VW Mk1&2 Polo spacers from 5 -25mm, and a selection VW Mk1&2 Polo hub adaptors allowing you to fit Porsche, Mercedes, late 5 stud Golf amongst other wheels to your car. A full range of VW Mk1&2 Polo wheel bolts, locking wheel bolts and wheels/tyre trims are also available.

VW Mk1&2 Polo Wheel accessories

As well as all the wheels we list above, we offer a full range of VW Mk1&2 Polo hub adaptors, allowing you to fit a wide variety of wheels to your car, as well as spacers, in both standard, and hub-centric fitments. To complement these we can supply wheels bolts in locking, tapered and radiused formats. For those of you who are after creating more of a “retro” feel to your VW Mk1&2 Polo, we have a range of wheel trims, and white and redwall tyre trims available too. For more information about VW Mk1&2 Polo wheels, tyres and accessories, please speak with one of our team either by clicking on the ‘live chat’ button or by calling our sales team on 01273 444 000.