Mk2 Golf Wheels

VW Golf Mk2 Wheels and Accessories

VW Heritage can supply a wide selection of aftermarket wheels, Including wheels for VW Golf Mk2 by Borbet, Lenso, Ronal, Rota, ATS as well as the VW G60 steels. We offer all our wheels in packages with Yokohama tyres. Also available a comprehensive range of VW Golf Mk2 spacers from 5 -25mm, and a selection VW Golf Mk2 hub adaptors allowing you to fit Porsche, Mercedes and late 5 stud Golf amongst other wheels to your Mk2 Golf. A full range of VW Golf Mk2 wheel bolts, locking wheel bolts and wheels/tyre trims are also available.

VW Golf Mk2 Wheels

VW Heritage offer a wide range of aftermarket wheels for your VW Golf Mk2, we supply brands including ATS, Borbet, Ronal, Rota and Lenso as well as offering the ubiquitous VW G60 steel, and our sister companies exclusive SSP Fuchs, in a variety of finishes including Polished, Chromed and detailed. Please call us on 01273 444 000 for prices on VW Golf Mk2 wheel package prices.

VW Golf Mk2 Wheel accessories

As well as all the wheels and tyres we list above, we offer a full range of VW Golf Mk2 hub adaptors, allowing you to fit a wide variety of wheels to your Mk2 Golf, as well as spacers, in both standard, and hub-centric fitments. To complement these we can supply wheels bolts in locking, tapered and radiused formats. For those of you who are after creating more of a “retro” feel to your VW Golf Mk2, we have a range of wheel trims, and white and redwall tyre trims available too. For more information about VW Golf Mk2 wheels, tyres and accessories, please speak with one of our team either by clicking on the ‘live chat’ button or by calling our sales team on 01273 444 000.

Jetta Mk2 Cont.

Overall the new Jetta was a more refined car, with room for 5 as opposed to the 4 of the Mk1, and moves had been made to reduce vibration transmitted through the engine mounts. One of the strangest accolades afforded to the 2nd generation Jetta was that of "Car of the year" as voted for by the North American Farmers Journal. Production of the Jetta continued to until 1992, when it was replaced by the Vento in Europe, and the Jetta III in the US.


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