Mk2 Golf Pedals, Cables & Hand Controls

VW Golf Mk2 Cables

VW Heritage can supply a selection of cables for VW Golf Mk2, including VW Golf Mk2 clutch cable, VW golf Mk2 accelerator cable, VW Golf Mk2 handbrake cable and VW Golf Mk2 speedo cable. In this section you will also find accessories such as vw Golf Mk2 pedal rubbers. If you have any questions about your VW Golf Mk2 cables or if you can’t find the part you need contact us today and we will be happy to help. Call our sales team on 01273 444 000 or clicking on the ‘live chat’ button.

The G's

The early 90's saw the development of some new Interesting new models from VW, though sadly in the UK we were only going to see one of them (In an official sense at least), and all of them were only available in LHD. The G60 engine came about following research done by Volkswagen on their 1987 Polo GT G40 project, a 1300cc supercharged pocket rocket capable of hitting 120+mph from the box. Based on the EA111 series motor (essentially the 1781cc 8v motor) by the time VW had finished modifying it bore little resemblance to the original 8v GTI lump, pretty much every part being different. The "G" was used to describe the shape of the superchargers scrolls, and the 60 relates to the inlet size of the 'charger (60mm).


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