Mk2 Golf Fuel & Induction

Buy your VW Golf Mk2 fuel system and induction components here!

Supplying a wide range of parts for your Golf Mk2 fuel system and induction parts, including fuel pumps, carbs. To shop online, just follow the links below, or read on for further information on our extensive range of Golf Mk2 fuel and induction parts.

VW Golf Mk2 Carburettor

In addition to rebuild kits for the original style Solex and Pierburg carbs, we also offer the finest replacement units from such as Weber as well as Weber’s famous Twin 45 DCOE’s and manifolds for both 8v and 16v powered Mk2 Golfs, for optimum power.

VW Golf Mk2 Fuel Pumps and Injectors

Again, a wide range, including standard pumps (both carburettor and K-jet injection versions), electric pumps and high performance rotary versions. Plus injectors, filters, fuel line, clamps and T-pieces - everything in fact to repair or improve your Golf Mk2’s fuel system.

And remember, if you have a query about any of our fuel system or exhaust parts – or if you can’t find the part you require – just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

The Mk2 Golf (Typ 19E)

It was launched in the UK as a 1984 model year car, with the GTI available from day one. Specification for the GTI was pretty much unchanged until 1987 model year, aside from some wheel and minor exterior and interior trim changes. The 139bhp 16v engine (KR code) joined the 112bhp 8v GTi in August of 1986. In August of 1987 the MkII underwent its first major facelift, with the quarter lights removed from the front door glass and the mirrors moved further forward along the doors. The grille was also changed, from the 7-slat to the 5-slat, and the fuel injection system was updated, with the mechanical K-Jet set-up replaced with the fully-electronic Digifant system on the 8v GTi models.


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