VW Karmann Ghia Gearbox & Transmission Parts

A Short History Of The VW Karmann Ghia (cont.)

September 1955 the Karmann Ghia appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show, to a rapturous reception. Autocar magazine cited it as having “a purity of line and perfection of proportion that almost takes ones breath away.”

The Ghia was to continue to receive such accolades for the foreseeable future, American Industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague referred to it in his list of the world’s most beautifully designed products.

The North American market got their first taster of the new car when it was featured in Science & Mechanics magazine in October 1956, and Australia’s “Wheels” magazine managed to get the name wrong when they first tested the car in April of 1957 as part of their comparative feature “Ghia-Karmann vs. Volkswagen”, they went on to say “Ghia looks better, handles better and outshines the Volkswagen [Beetle> on the road”.

Though America’s “Road & Track” magazine were less complimentary; “the overall performance improvement, we feel, is negligible. For nearly $1000 more than the sedan, then, the customer is acquiring a very pretty body.”

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