Mk1 Golf Cabriolet Body Parts

VW Golf Mk1 Cabriolet External Trim, Body Panels, Glass, seals and Cabrio Hoods

VW Heritage are a one-stop-shop for all your VW Golf Mk1 cabrio parts and accessories including a full range of reproduction VW Golf Mk1 cabrio body parts. If you’re looking for VW Golf Mk1 cabrio body panels, VW Golf Mk1 cabrio repair panels, VW Golf Mk1 cabrio Bumpers, or VW golf Mk1 cabrio door handles, or if you are looking to replace your VW Golf Mk1 cabrio side trim, badges or vw golf mk1 cabrio grille, you’ve come to the right place! Browse our full range of specialist VW Golf Mk1 cabrio body parts below.

VW Golf Mk1 Cabrio Door handles, locks and latches

Browse our selection of VW Golf Mk1 cabrio Door handles, bonnet catches and boot locks online, all items are available in original factory finish, as well as some parts such as bonnet lifters being available in chrome.

VW Golf Mk1 Cabrio External Trim

Our VW Golf Mk1 cabrio trim and badges are produced by a VW OE supplier, and is exactly the same as the original items, we offer waistline trim, as well as a complete range of sill trims, and all the clips required to fit. Trims are available in clear anodised aluminium, or black. We also offer exterior mirrors for the Mk1 Golf, including chrome flag, black plastic flag type, and late model square mirrors. If you’re looking for VW Golf Mk1 GTI side and tailgate decals then you’ve found the right place. A wide selection of VW Golf Mk1 cabrio grilles are available in both OE, and debadged styles. Bumpers in both early style metal and later style plastic are also available, including our own exclusive range of UK chromed and Powdercoated series 1 bumpers.

VW Golf Mk1 Cabrio body Panels

VW Heritage can supply the UK’s widest selection of VW Golf Mk1 cabrio Body panels, including; Bonnets, wings, repair sections, front panels, rear panels, fuel filler repair panels, arch repair panels, floorpans, door skins, rear corners and inner wings.

VW Golf Mk1 cabrio Glass and Seals

VW Heritage offer a complete range of glass for the Mk1 Golf cabrio, side glass, rear glass, windscreens and quarter glass, as well as window seals, door seals, tailgate seals and sunroof seals. If you can’t find the parts you require, just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our expert sales team today on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours. You can also talk to us right now with our ‘live chat’ function.

VW Golf Mk1 Cabrio Hoods

VW Heritage offers a selection of hoods and hood bags for Mk1 Cabrio’s, there is a range of 3 different types of hood, depending on budget and preference. Sonnenland – German, as fitted to Porsche and Mercedes German O.E. – Made from original VW specification material Heavy Duty Vinyl – Manufactured by TMI and backed up by their worldwide reputation. Hood bags are available in Heavy Duty Vinyl or Sonnenland material. A range of hood spares are available too, including; hood clamps, hood clamp hooks, tensioning wires, hood padding kits as well as numerous other spare parts.

The US Market - Rabbit

Launched in 1975 the US, the Rabbit (as it was known over there) was fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, and was really the only car capable of bringing the fight to the influx of new Japanese compact cars, whilst the overall look of the car was fairly similar to its European market sibling, there were differences, with impact bumpers adding both visually and literally a few pounds to the little Rabbits waistline, as well as increasing the weight by a few kilo's. The US market cars were still produced on the same production line as the Euro market models, but this was set to change within a few years.


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