VW Beetle Steering Parts

A Short History Of The VW Beetle (cont.)

The re-commissioning of the VW factory is heavily credited to British Army Officer Major Ivan Hirst, who was ordered to take control of the factory, which had suffered heavy bomb damage during the war. One of the first tasks Hirst was given was to remove an unexploded bomb, which having fallen through a roof, had lodged itself between some essential and irreplaceable parts of production equipment. Had Hirst failed in this task, the Beetle would have been consigned to the history books, and things would have been very different.

Following the Allied bombing of Fallersleben, damage to the factory was estimated that 38% of the factory had been rendered useless, of the 17,000+ residents of Fallersleben were over half were VW employees, Hirst soon permitted the Germans to return to work, and by May 1945, they had produced 2 Beetles from various parts gathered from the remains of the factory, a further 56 cars were produced in 1945, not vastly different to that of the pre-war cars, save for different inner front wings, front beam, and the newer 1131cc engine that had been used in the Kubelwagen.

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