VW Beetle Front Suspension

A Short History Of The VW Beetle (cont.)

Whilst some civilian Beetles had been produced during the war, predominantly for high ranking Nazi elite, production was minimal, though some unusual fuelling options became available, in part due to all available oil, and fuel being directed towards the Luftwaffe and Panzer divisions.

One of the more abstract models was the Holzbrenner; essentially a wood powered Beetle. The way this worked was that wood was heated until it began to break down chemically. When wood burns in a normal fire, the wood decomposes chemically due to the heat, and some of the gasses produced by the wood are flammable, and they burn as they are released. That is the flame that you see.

With the world war 2 era wood burning cars, however, wood was heated to a temperature hot enough to decompose the wood, but the gas was not allowed to burn. It was stored in a chamber, and injected into the cylinders of a regular internal combustion car. Some of the German made wood-burning cars were the VW Kdf Wagen (postwar Beetle), and the German Army Kübelwagen.

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