VW Type 2 Bay Gearbox & Transmission Parts

A Short History Of The VW Type 2 'Bay Window' (cont.)

Following the introduction of the Type 4 engine, the body of the bay was to undergo more changes, the engine cooling vents on the rear pillars grew in size to provide extra cooling for the new larger engines, the engine lid was changed featuring a squarer number plate aperture, and a new locking mechanism and handle.

The fuel filler opening and door was changed to feature less curves, as well as being moved further towards the rear of the bus, allowing for refuelling with the sliding door open. (Obviously this is not an issue on RHD models)

The formerly removable cross member under the engine lid was now welded in place, and the front wheel arches had gained a lip similar to that of the rear arches. New rear lights replaced the split screen style ones, and were much larger and rectangular, in line with the new US regulations.

They also featured reversing lamps built into the units. Reverse lights had previously been an option on anything apart from US and Canadian spec buses, which received them as standard.

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