VW Type 2 Bay Steering Parts

A Short History Of The VW Type 2 'Bay Window' (cont.)

Body Configurations

Type 21 Panel Van

The panel van consisted of two single seats in the cab, with a walkthrough to the cargo compartment. The headliner was only fitted in the cab area, the cargo area was very spartan, with no side panels, heating or windows. The spare wheel is stowed in the engine compartment.

Type 22 Microbus

Fitted with softer rear torsion bars for a bit more passenger comfort, and chrome hubcaps. The cab is much the same as a panel van, but the headliner extends full length, the glovebox has a lid. The passenger compartment is fitted with two three seater bench seats, interior panels with upholstery.

Type 23 Kombi

Effectively a combination (hence the name) of a panel van, and a microbus, headliner in cab are only, 1 vent window in the sliding door, 1 in the opposite side panel. One heater outlet into the cargo area. Stronger torsion bars, except for ’68 models, and models fitted with rear seats from the factory.

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