VW Type 2 Bay Pedals, Levers & Cables

A Short History Of The VW Type 2 'Bay Window' (cont.)

Type 27 Ambulance

Not dissimilar in base specification to a Type 22, but with the addition of a bulkhead between the cab and the passenger area, with a sliding window, the spare tyre was located under the bench seat in the cabin.

Rear torsion bars were as on a type 22, chrome hubcaps were fitted, a searchlight was fitted to the inside of the windscreen, reverse lamps were standard on all ambulances. On the inside of the rear compartment, the headlining was extended to meet the top of the trim panels, which were ivory in colour.

A roof ventilator was fitted, and an adjustable heater nozzle was fitted. The windows are all fitted with blinds or frosted from halfway down.

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