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A Short History Of The VW Type 2 'Bay Window' (cont.)

The Bay was modernised by various small changes over a three year period, all eventually leading to the fitment of the later type 4 engine.

In 1971 VW introduced a new engine, whilst still a 1600cc now featured dual intake ports on each cylinder head, power was increased to 50bhp, this upgrade coincided with the addition of new road wheels, behind which were disc brakes for the first time on a Type 2.

1972 saw VW fit the Type 4 engine in the Bay, the Type 4 was so called as it had originally been designed for the 411 and latterly the 412, VW’s attempt at an air-cooled family saloon or estate in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Whilst still an air-cooled flat 4; it was substantially different to the previous engine. It was still possible to be able to buy a T1 twin-port powered Bay in the UK up until introduction of the T25, US and Canadian market models were all fitted with the 1700cc T4. In 1973 for the first time on a VW commercial vehicle, the option of an automatic gearbox was offered. Power figures were 65bhp for the manual gearbox and 61bhp for the automatic. In 1974, the T4 grew in capacity from 1700cc to 1800cc (67bhp), then once again in 1976 to 2000cc (69bhp).

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