Transaxles at Goodwood

Flicking through a copy of Porsche Post in the office a few weeks prior, I stumbled across the Porsche Club GB Transaxle meet at Goodwood advertised. I’ve always been partial to the front engine Porsches, and Goodwood is only 25 minutes from my front door; you could say it was meant to be!


Porsche 935

From 911 SC to “Loos-a-like” 935

When is a 911 SC not a 911 SC? When it has been transformed into a 935 flatnose! In his quest to emulate his racing hero and shave precious kilos and grammes from his road racer, Michael Moll from Stuttgart has turned a mild-mannered ’78 SC into one of Porsche’s greatest race cars. Or something … Continued

The Porsche 924 – what is it, and what to look for?

Every owner of a 924/944 will have heard the term ‘poor man’s Porsche’ and, whilst this may be how the hardcore, rear-engined Porsche crew regard the front-engined, water-cooled 924/944 ranges, it’s certainly not how we’d describe them! It’s a great drivers-car and, although prices are rising fast, it’s still a great way to get your … Continued

Ace Cafe Car Park

A Night Out: Heritage Meets Ace Café

When the Porsche Club GB calls their members to the Ace Café, things are sure to get loud and busy at the iconic venue on the North Circular Road in London. Once a month, Club members and like-minded Porsche enthusiasts get together at the Ace Café and bring back the good old days with a … Continued

Shifting Gears

Whilst many purists will accept nothing other than the traditional manual clutch and transmission set-up in a sporting vehicle such as the 911, Porsche has provided an automatic (well, semi-automatic, initially) transmission option for those that prefer a two-pedal set-up since the late ’60s. Welcome to the world of the Sportomatic, Tiptronic and PDK- equipped … Continued

Porsche Fuchs Wheels

Origins of the Fuchs forged alloy wheel

Let’s start by clearing up the issue of pronunciation – Fuchs is a German word (the translation is ‘Fox’, by the way!), and is NOT pronounced ‘Foosh’ – it should sound like ‘Look’, albeit with an ‘F’ at the start. Oh, and, the ‘s’ at the end isn’t a plural reference – i.e. you may have … Continued

Visiting Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Back in 2008, this impressive Porsche museum was opened in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to showcase the history of the Porsche AG brand. Located right in the heart of Porsche territory, this amazing building was designed by Viennese architects Delugan Meissl, and provides not only a worthy home for such a prestigious collection, but also an impressive exhibition/display … Continued