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Volkswagen Beetle Chassis Numbers

With so many different production years for the Volkswagen Beetle, it's very difficult sometimes to know exactly what year car you have. The Volkswagen Beetle production years run from August to July so a car built in August 1967 is actually a 1968 model! To help with this, we have compiled a list of Beetle chassis numbers for you to reference.

Volkswagen Engine and Gearbox Codes

It's quite rare nowadays to find a classic Volkswagen Beetle or VW Camper still fitted with its original engine. Because of the simplicity of the flat 4 layout it was sometimes easier to just replace the entire engine rather than fault finding and repairing! Therefore if you want to buy parts for your Volkswagen Beetle Engine then please check your engine number. This will ensure that we get the right parts out to you first time and get you back on the road.

Chrome Plating Information

We try and make things as clear as possible in our part descriptions, but sometimes it's not always easy. We often receive questions regarding the various finishes we offer on our chrome plating and the warranty that covers them.

Volkswagen Beetle and Camper Engine Oil

Oil is the lifeline of your engine, especially for the air cooled models which rely heavily on oil for cooling purposes. Therefore it is very important to ensure you're using the correct oil for your VW engine. Use our informative reference guide to help you make the right choice!