Awning Connector Set 7mm/7mm Beading LC0408 >

Awning Connector Set 7mm/7mm Beading

Awning Connector Set 7mm/7mm Beading >

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Awning connector strip for easy attachment and detachment of your drive-away awning. One 7mm side of strip fits into any 7mm awning rail on the vehicle such as the Reimo or Brandrup rails, the other 7mm side slides into the figure of eight channel provided. The figure of eight channel slides onto the drive-away awning. If you want to drive off just slide the connector strip out. No more feeding the heavy awning along the rail.


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For Vehicles

T2 Bay 1968-1979 | T2 Split 1950-1967 | T4 1991-2003 | T5 2004-2015 | Type 25 1980-1991

Product Questions

So all I need is a rail on my van and this kit to connect my vango awning???
Thank you
Question by: Derek on 21 Mar 2019 01:22:00
You will also need either LC0406 or LC0405 awning to gutter connection set
Answer by: Ben Pascoe (Admin) on 22 Mar 2019 12:24:00