Figure of 8 Plastic Awning Rail 75cm LC0400 >

Figure of 8 Plastic Awning Rail 75cm

Figure of 8 Plastic Awning Rail 75cm >

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Use the figure of eight awning rail to attach your awning to the gutter, J-rail or R-rail of your vehicle. The rail comes in 75cm lengths for easy storage and simply clips into place. Can be used with any awning that has a 6-8mm piping.

Please note the average camper / awning will require 3 strips to fit , please check your requirements before ordering.


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For Vehicles

T2 Bay 1968-1979 | T2 Split 1950-1967 | T4 1991-2003 | T5 2004-2015 | Type 25 1980-1992

Product Questions

Hi what size is require to fit on the van side? 6mm or 8mm? I havent yet purchased the awning so that can be brought to suit. 1973 westfalia. Thanks
Question by: Keryl on 31 Aug 2019 08:08:00
These can be used on either 6mm or 8mm piped awnings. It will be fine for a 1973 model.
Answer by: Nick Bitton (Admin) on 2 Sep 2019 12:51:00