VW Karmann Ghia Accessories

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History Of The VW Karmann Ghia

Doyle, Dane and Bernbach had created a whole new style of advertising, rather than glamorizing the product which they were advertising, they took more of an objective look at the product, usually making a statement that could be seen as cynical, then backing it up with an explanation, this form of “soft-sell” was to set the standard of VW advertising up to the current day.

In one such advert, the Ghia was decked out in Racing stripes, similar to that of the AC Cobra, and Shelby Mustangs, with the cut-line “You’d Lose” this statement was then quantified beneath with “But it might comfort you to know you’ll be driving the best made loser on the block”, another, this time a crib of a Shell fuels TV ad suggesting “The Karmann Ghia is the most economical sports car you can buy…It’s just not the most powerful.” After the car is seen hitting a paper barrier, and being bounced backwards by it.