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VW Karmann Ghia Pedals, Cables & Hand Controls

VW Karmann Ghia Handbrake

A selection of handbrake parts – both stock and styling – for your Karmann Ghia, ranging from sleeves and gaiters to complete chrome handbrake assemblies. We also stock parts for the hub end of the handbrake system, such as lever arms and clips… Plus, of course, all types of Karmann Ghia handbrake cable. We also stock adjustable length cable kits for use on buggies, trikes and other project vehicles.

VW Karmann Ghia Gear Selector

We stock two styles of selector parts – including complete shift sticks balljoint/socket components – as well as high performance and ‘quick shift’ gearshifters and a wide range of gear stick heads. We also stock parts for the entire selector mechanism, including gear linkage and bushes.

VW Karmann Ghia Foot Pedals

Buy everything for your pedal assembly, from pedal covers to full linkage kits. All of this on top of the huge range of parts for the larger brake system, such as disks, drums, pads, shoes and cylinders… Plus we stock VW Ghia clutch cables and brake pipes as well as Ghia accelerator cables. And remember, if you have a query – or if you can’t find the part you require – just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

History Of The VW Karmann Ghia

In 1957 VW released a convertible version of the Ghia, under the code Type 141, the car was now strictly a two-seater, with one of Karmann's trademarked 4 layer insulated hoods which had made the Beetle Cabrio so popular.

1959 signaled the end of production for the first generation Ghia, now known as the “Lowlight” due to the position of the headlamps and turn signals, and a new look Ghia was on the market, in reality the new Ghia was not much more than a facelift, with the new rear lights which flowed into the rear wings, and a slightly redesigned front end which had new nostrils, and the position of the headlights and turn signals had been raised around 2”.


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