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Chrome Plating Information

VW Heritage Chrome Plating Guide

Best Chrome

These are brand new parts that have been re-chromed in the UK to the highest standards, equivalent to the quality that VW used to produce. They are expensive but they last. We have tried and tested every type of triple chrome and off the shelf top quality chrome part we can find, these are all cheaper but unfortunately none have lasted a year without pitting during testing.

Brazilian Chrome

A new and improved range of our sunny climate chrome repro bumpers. Now as thick as the originals (1.5 - 2mm) and with higher quality chrome. This finish does not last long in the British climate. No warranties or returns are possible with this type of product; we are also unable to offer warranties on any of our Sunny Climate Chrome products.

Stainless Steel Bumpers

These are brand new stainless steel blade bumpers which have been chrome plated. Therefore these bumpers are going to last. These parts are fully guaranteed for one year.

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