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VW Buggy Exhaust

Type 4 Engine Performance Exhausts & Heat Exchangers

Type 4 performance exhausts can be found in the Bay Window exhausts section and Type 4 Engine heat exchangers can be found in the Bay Window heat exchangers section.

Replacement Exhausts

The black paint finish on exhaust is designed only to protect the exhaust during transportation to the customer. This is not high temperature paint. Due to the extreme conditions exhaust parts operate under, we are unable to guarantee the finish of chrome plated parts.

Metallic Ceramic Coating has recently been introduced and is a space age, high gloss silver finish that offers high impact protection. It is heat fused at 650 degrees F creating a virtually impenetrable barrier against external corrosion and damage. This coating also lowers the temperature of components, which in turn increases power.

Please Note:

All exhausts are supplied with fibre gaskets. It is worthwhile purchasing a pair of tailpipe fitting kits (111-298-051) when you buy any exhaust/header as these contain the clamps and hardware to complete the job. If you are using your heat exchangers and replacing a standard silencer with an aftermarket exhaust, please ask your sales person for advice on re-connecting the air pipes.

Headers are 4 into 1 manifolds which offer a power increase when compared to standard or all in one exhaust systems. Merged headers are designed for racing purposes and have larger pipe work and a longer collector (the point where the 4 tubes merge) for increased power.

Headers are manufactured from cold rolled steel tubing with mandrel formed bends for maximum gas speed. All normaly headers include carburettor pre-heat pipe connections for single carbs, merged headers do not. Tip: Check that the pre-heat pipes are drilled out properly before fitting an aftermarket header/exhaust. You may need to drill these yourself.

We supply EMPI exhausts as both Combo systems and some individual parts. Bugpack exhaust system are supplied as individual parts only.

EMPI & Kadron Head Systems

These header systems are not interchangable with any other brands, so you will only be able to fit a matching silencer to the correct header.

Aftermarket Beetle Exhausts

SSP offer a huge range of aftermarket VW exhaust systems to suit any style of VW - from buggies and trikes to cal lookers and street cars. However, there are a large number of variables to consider when ordering a non-standard VW exhaust, including: ground and bodywork clearance, size, style, noise rating and coatings. In addition you will need to decide upon an appropriate 'header' - the pipework that connects your silencer to the exhaustt manifold. With so many options to consider we normally advise discussing your needs with the sales team at SSP before placing your order. You can email us, click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

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