Camping tips: a day out with an expertCamping Header

Getting away from it all, that’s what we all crave once in a while – which is why VW camper vans have such a huge following. As the ultimate lifestyle statement, nothing comes close to jumping in a Volkswagen Bus with a bunch of friends or family and heading out into the countryside… Get inspired … Continued

Mark’s life with a VW T4BlogHeader_marksLife

VW T4 Transporters are one of the most sought after must-have lifestyle vehicles right now. But what makes them so cool, and what’s it like owning one? To find out we sent Eva and Phil from Marketing on a ‘Brighton cruise’ with VW Heritage sales executive, Mark Goldsmith, and his 2001 T4 to discover what … Continued

Lights out: VW Beetle photoshoot

Let’s take some photos of a VW Beetle in your warehouse, said Nick from NWVT. “We’ll do it in the dark, and I’ll light paint it” he followed. Having seen some previous cars Nick has done like this we had to let him ‘have a go’…..

U-Pol Raptor: Your Restoration Needs This!

After spending months, weeks, days, or even just a few hours on the body or chassis of your VW project, the last thing you want is for all your hard work to go to waste. You need something that’s going to protect your investment, and keep the nasty stuff at arm’s length; you need RAPTOR!!!!

VW Heritage Jetta Project is back on

It’s been a few years since we last reported progress on our Jetta Mk1 Coupe, so I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed. We have a 1981 VW Jetta, that was imported from Poland. It’s the rarer Coupe version; these weren’t originally available in the UK (although a number have since been … Continued

Mk2 Golf Headliner Material Retrim

The Golf Mk2 is prone to headliner woes; the most common being the material coming away from the ‘board’ and sagging over the rear occupants heads. With our recent development of brand new Mk2 Golf headliner material, Anna one of our product development team gave re-trimming an original headliner board a go.

Behind the scenes – 30 Fun Facts about VW Heritage

At VW Heritage our team is our most important resource, and our company’s success is in part down to the bond between the staff and management. Over the last 30 years we have grown together and shared all kinds of jokes and adventures. Here are 30 Fun Facts about VW Heritage you may not know…

VW T5 Service

Having bought my bargain to-the-moon-and-back mileage T5 well over a year ago, it was inevitable that it would need a bit of servicing TLC sooner or later…

Win £1,000 worth of VW parts

It’s that time of year again! We’re hosting the ultimate trolley dash to help give your VW that essential winter spruce up and there’s £1,000 worth of VW parts up for grabs, plus four runner-up prizes of £250 to put towards your list of parts. All you have to do is create your ultimate ‘wishlist’ … Continued