Paraguay reveals its private parts

Working alongside VW Classic Parts we are subject to a bit of insider information, and when this story was first told to us we were super excited. Abandoned warehouses full of NOS parts, found deep in the jungle; it could have been written by Disney* – it sounds just magical! *maybe it’s not quite their core audience, but hey!

I think it is safe to assume most car enthusiasts have a dream of stumbling across that elusive barn find.. well you could call this a warehouse find! Paraguay is situated in the middle of South America*, full of jungles, and I’m sure it’s lovely but I would never think to go and take a trip, or presume for a moment it might be sat on the parts I need to finish my project!

That’s right, in amongst the dust and stray cats, lie some real NOS parts. Parts that have been sat “just in case” for ten, twenty, forty years.


You see the thing is, when the president of Paraguay chooses a new car, the manufacturer is at liberty to provide ten of every single part; so in the event the vehicle breaks down or has an accident it doesn’t leave the top dog high and dry. By the looks of this haul, there have been a few Presidents partial to the people’s car, and some involved in collisions more than others too!

Where would you start, and what on earth happens when something like this is discovered? Fortunately for us, and for you, VW Classic Parts have decided to ship it all back to Germany, 7 containers full to start with! This is great news for all VW owners, more New Old Stock parts available to help keep your classic VW on the road for longer.

Enjoy these pictures for the time being, and as soon as we have an inventory for everything they have “rescued” we will let you have it!!

So next time you pass an old warehouse, and think “I wonder what’s in there”…….


*It’s here, I had to double check!!



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