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Was this the most exotic VW ever?


When VW wanted a car to push the boundaries and compete against the likes of Ferrari and other iconic sportscar makers, a collaboration with Porsche was the obvious way to go. They’d done it previously to a limited amount of success with the 914/6, but the svelte prototype that appeared at the Turin motor show in 1970 took things to whole different level…

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History of the Watercooled VW Engine


The Volkswagen K70 arrived on the scene in 1970 and it marked the dawn of the front engined, watercooled VW. (Although its engine was an evolution of an NSU motor, and a bit of an anomoly in this story.) We decided to take a look back through history to try and trace the roots of our beloved VW engines, and highlight the pivotal petrol models in the genetics of the watercooled powerplant that we know and love. Continue reading

VW Aircooled Engine summer survival guide



While we bask in the summer sun and drive our beloved Aircooled VWs -windows down and radio up; spare a thought for your engine slaving away behind you. Here’s a few tips to help your VW aircooled engine survive summer!Air Cooled? Well, yes, your engine certainly doesn’t have any water in it; but it has an unsung hero, circulating and helping to keep the temperatures under check too. Continue reading

Catalytic converters: making them last longer


Catalytic converters were fitted to all cars from 1992, so that includes a fair few collectable modern Dubs, but their function – and faults – remain something of a dark art for many. Here’s how they work, some essential tips on how to make yours last longer – and what you can do if you’re tempted to get rid of it altogether…

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