Know your VW factories: Osnabrück

A three-hour drive west from VW’s HQ at Wolfsburg takes you to Osnabrück – the ‘City of Peace’, a name it adopted in recognition of the fact that the town played host to the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia in the late 17th century. More recently, though, it’s become known for its industry – … Continued

August’s wishlist winner…

Our website was inundated with visitors during August, as customers old and new tried their luck to become our latest Wishlist winner. With a grand’s worth of gear up for grabs, it was a prize worth winning for sure.

Classic cars: still the top investment

Latest findings reveal that whilst the values of classic cars have taken a slight hit recently, they still represent the top performing asset over the past 12 years. With that in mind, now might be the perfect time to buy a historic VW…

Volkswagen Mk3 Golf special editions

We’ve got the underrated and usually overlooked Mk3 Golf (1992-’98) down as a future classic. We even published a buying guide here. It’s a great car, with a lot more standard equipment than its predecessor the Mk2 – and it’s much more refined and comfortable. That said, you’ll rarely see the word ‘Mk3’ and ‘special’ … Continued

Know your VW factories: Hannover

Volkswagen recently celebrated six decades of production at its purpose built VW Hannover factory in Germany (we blogged about it here) – and there’s an interesting story behind the plant that has produced six generations of the VW Transporter…

What’s the next VW classic?

If only we had a crystal ball. That way we might have predicted that £300 Split Window Buses would one day be making £30,000 and that even the most basic early Mk1 Golfs with the ‘Swallowtail’ rear end would become highly sought after. Well, it’s too late to bag a bargain where those two examples … Continued

10 time-honoured VW accessories

We’re always looking for new ways to spoil our Volkswagens, but it’s funny how VW accessories of old still remain popular today. Here’s 10 accessories that have their roots in the past but still have relevance now… 1.VW Toolkits What use would an accessories brochure be without a toolkit? They were first offered in the … Continued

Know your VW factories: Wolfsburg

VW production has taken place at a variety of different manufacturing plants around the world, but Germany is where it all started. So as we kick off a new series looking at what models were made where and from what dates – it’s only right that we begin with the once war torn Wolfsburg site…