Petrol cars to vanish in 8 years!

In eight years time no more petrol or diesel cars will be sold anywhere in the world. People will stop driving fossil fuelled cars altogether, and will switch to low-cost vehicles powered by electricity with an expectant lifespan of one million miles instead. That’s according to an article this week in The Daily Telegraph following … Continued

VW Bugfire: two classics in one

You can’t deny the fact that British classics from the ‘60s like the Triumph Spitfire have a certain amount of charm. Albeit of the slightly archaic, rusty and likely to break down quite soon variety. Well, someone’s taken the best bits of the topless British icon and melded them with a Beetle to produce, as … Continued

Mk1 Golfs in the Forest

We’ve not gone to this extent before to show off a customer’s vehicle but spurred on by fresh ideas in our team, and the arrival of some Golf Mk1 teaser shots in our inbox we set about making something special.

Become a paint inspection expert

Whether viewing a car for sale or assessing what needs to be done to your existing vehicle, recognising the tell tale signs of rust, bodges and paint imperfections is an invaluable asset. Here’s some of the basics to help you become a paint inspection expert

VW Bus Charity roadtrip

What better way to satisfy your desire to do some travelling in a new T6 Bus and raise awareness about different types of cancer at the same time than to embark on a fundraising roadtrip. Well, that’s precisely Emma Nicholls is planning with sponsorship from VW Heritage and a new VW Bus kindly lent to … Continued

Scrappage scheme threat to older diesel VWs90s diesels at risk

As the government puts forward a scrappage scheme to rid our roads of older diesels, swathes of ‘would be’ classics could be wiped out forever. Here’s what’s being proposed, what cars will be affected and how it will affect owners of older diesel VWs…

Lying to your insurer?

Shocking new research has found that four fifths of all drivers in Britain may have invalidated their car insurance by lying, often unintentionally. Here are the things people fib about the most…

Know your VW whites

The used car trade always warned about buying a white car. Traditionally, it’s not been a hugely popular colour in the UK – and for that reason, if you happened to own a car in this hue it usually proved a nightmare to sell. That’s all changed of late. Currently, the roads are awash with … Continued

Driving test changes – what will they mean?

You’ll no doubt have heard that there are changes afoot regarding the driving test, with the emphasis being on making it more realistic for modern road conditions. So if you’re just about to get behind the wheel for the first time, or are likely to be in charge of someone who is, here’s what you … Continued