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History Of The VW Beetle

In 1951, VW produced 93,709 Beetles, and of those 35,742 were exported to 29 countries. The biggest buyers outside of Germany were Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Finland and Brazil. Export models were distinguishable from the domestic market counterparts by the crotch cooling vents in the front quarter panels (specific to ’51 only models) as well as a chrome trimmed windscreen seal.

The rear seats did feature armrest cushions (again, a ’51 only part) but these were dropped after VW executives commented that “they gave passengers the feeling of being in a boudoir.” VW also changed the battery box lid, as the previous cardboard model had caused several fires.

One of the notable changes on the 1952 model cars was the introduction of the opening ¼ light window in the front doors, this replaced the 1951 models crotch coolers, and were adjustable to allow increases in airflow. Bumpers were now fitted with overriders, and the horn grilles were now round in shape, body coloured on standard models and chrome on exports.


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