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VW Beetle Seals & Rubber

VW Beetle seals and rubber products

The Beetle’s weather tight nature is legendary and, although the VW Beetle rubber seals used by Volkswagen throughout Beetle production were of excellent quality and often last the lifetime of the vehicle, sometimes it is necessary to replace some or all of them – either through damage, time spent in a hot country or during a full restoration. VW Heritage know how important these seals are and that they’re some of the most crucial VW Beetle parts you will buy. As such, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your VW Beetle rubber parts and seals and hold a full range of reproduction Beetle body seals and Beetle window rubbers for all models. So, if you’re looking for new Volkswagen Beetle door seals, new classic Beetle scraper seals for your doors, a new floorpan gasket or just any of the myriad VW Beetle rubber seals and trims that make up a whole Beetle, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our full range of specialist Beetle rubbers and Beetle seals below.

VW Beetle window seals

If your Beetle has recently had a good quality respray, one of the first things you’ll be looking to fit during the rebuild will be new VW Beetle rubber window seals. We have them in stock with the recess for metal or plastic chrome trim and also smooth Cal look Beetle seals with no recess. To go with these, we have new Beetle door window seals and scrapers, classic Beetle quarter light seals and pop out quarter window seals, as well as VW Beetle one-piece window seals for those who like their Volkswagens a bit more custom.

On top of this, we have VW Beetle door seals, outer scrapers and aluminium window trims, plus all the classic Beetle rubber parts, clips, felt guides, window channel guides and mouldings you could possibly need to rebuild your doors and ensure they remain weather tight for years to come.

Miscellaneous VW Beetle rubber parts

Should you need anything else for your Beetle restoration, or just to keep your car in tip top condition, VW Heritage stock a comprehensive selection of Beetle bonnet seals and engine lid seals, rubber door handle and tail light gaskets, bumper seals, running board rubbers and much more So, when it comes to rebuilding or restoring your Beetle, look no further than VW Heritage. We’re here to help.

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