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VW Beetle Repair Panels

This page contains only sheet metal body panels. If you're looking for body fittings & parts, such as trim, windows, locks & latches, then please click here.

VW Beetle body panels

Whether through accident damage, rust or just in the course of a restoration, there is a high chance all old VW Beetles will require some classic Beetle repair panels at some time or other. So whether it is something as simple as a replacement Beetle wing, VW Beetle heater channels, a pair of classic Beetle doors or even something as specialist as a new Oval Window decklid, VW Heritage has what you are looking for.

You might be a seasoned professional Beetle restorer or a first timer taking your first steps on a classic Beetle restoration, if you want to do the job right, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at VW Heritage are here to help. We have a comprehensive range of air-cooled Beetle parts and Beetle repair panels that will help you finish your restoration and get your Beetle back on the road as soon as possible. From VW Beetle heater channel quick repair panels through Volkswagen Beetle closing panels to rear crossmember repair panels, we have all the parts you could ever need to resurrect the most vulnerable part of your classic air-cooled Beetle.

VW Beetle repair sections

If – heaven forbid - things have gone further still, we also have VW Beetle inner wheelarch repair panels, Beetle bumper mount panels, Volkswagen Beetle floorpan halves and sections, classic Beetle front valances and anything up to complete VW Beetle rear quarter panels, together with all the clips, grommets, latches and catches you might require. Our top quality body panels cater for both minor repairs and full restorations, and we source our classic Beetle restoration parts and panels from all over the world, ensuring we can offer you the highest spec Beetle repair panels available.

We here at VW Heritage are dedicated to offering a one-stop shop for all your VW parts and accessories, whether you be at the very start of a Beetle restoration or on the home straight looking for the last classic Beetle body parts and air-cooled Beetle panels to finish the job.

History Of The VW Beetle

When time came for him to collect the cars, he and 5 other staff traveled to Wolfsberg to bring them back, however one of the 6 cars failed it’s final inspection, and couldn’t be taken away. Production numbers for 1947 were less than 1946, as whilst efficiency was up, and the factory was being constantly repaired, there was simply not enough coal to keep the factory running over the winter months, causing a three month closedown.

Again changes were minimal for the 1947 model year, with bearing and bearing cap changes on the front and rear axles, an improved spare wheel chain and bracket, and a change to the cooling air throttle ring. 1948 saw the ex Opel manager, Heinz Nordhoff was take full control as director of the Volkswagen factory, and plans for a redesigned Beetle were hatched. 


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