VW Beetle Interior

VW Beetle Seats and Headliners

The majority of our interior VW Beetle trim is produced by TMI. Door panels and Headliners are available to suit all years, along with clips, bungs and rods required for fitting (sold separately). We also stock VW Beetle Carpets, Sound Proofing and Footmats.

VW Beetle Interior Parts

All the VW Beetle interior accessories you can imagine – from seat covers, carpets and door cards to lock pulls, winders and gearknobs. Our interior furnishings are made by the finest manufacturers, including TMI and Newton Commercial, offering unrivalled quality and fit. And our accessories range is extensive, ranging from OE style winders and grabstraps to aftermarket mirrors, gearshifts and lock pulls.

As always, if you have queries about your interior or exterior parts – or if you can’t find the parts you require – just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

History Of The VW Beetle

In the same year, the Reichmark was replaced by the Deutschmark, and East and West Germany were split up. West Germany implemented the Marshall plan, pouring millions of dollars into the West German economy to stimulate growth. Changes for the little car were again fairly minimal, a steering column lock was added, the front and rear axles underwent minor modifications, and the engine no longer featured a spring loaded cable, and the flywheel centrebore was changed to 48.5mm.

Production had risend to twice that of the previous year, with 19,244 Beetles rolling off the production line. Two coachbuilders came to the factory’s aid, to produce cabriolet versions, in the form of Karmann and Hebmuller. In the Autumn of 1948 owners of the Sparkarte began a lawsuit against VW, trying to obtain the cars which they’d paid for before the war, a situation that wouldn’t be resolved until 1961.


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