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VW Beetle Engine 1200-1600cc

Buy complete VW Beetle engines and engine spare parts here

VW Heritage are here for all your Beetle air-cooled engine needs, whether it’s a replacement gasket, a full VW Beetle engine (re-manufactured to original VW specification) or upgraded components for improving Volkswagen Beetle engine performance. To browse and buy the Volkswagen Beetle engine parts you need, just follow the links above, or read on for further information on our extensive range of VW Beetle engine parts.

Complete Beetle engines

Available exclusively from VW Heritage are the re-manufactured SSP air-cooled Beetle engine range. Produced to the same exacting standards as our all new Volkswagen Beetle engines, the re-manufactured Beetle engine range offers versions not available as a brand new option, and represent fantastic value for money for those rebuilding a classic air-cooled Beetle on a budget. Choose from air-cooled single-port and twin-port VW engines in 1200cc, 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc capacities.

Both our brand new SSP Volkswagen Beetle engines and re-manufactured SSP air-cooled Beetle motors are covered by our market leading two-year warranty.

If you are unsure which engine size you have, you should check the code on your engine crankcase and consult the chart below:

D 8/65> 34BHP
1300SP F 8/65 - 7/70
1300TP AB 8/70 - 7/73
1300TP AR* 8/73 - 7/75
1500SP H 8/65 - 7/70
1500SP L 8/66 - 7/70 40BHP
1600SP B 8/68 - 8/70 40BHP
1600TP AD 8/70 - 7/73 50BHP
1600TP AE 8/70 - 12/72 50BHP
1600TP AF 8/70 - 9/92 46BHP
1600TP AH 8/71 - 7/74 47BHP
1600TP AJ 8/74 - 1/80 50BHP
1600TP AK 8/72 - 7/74 47BHP
1600TP AS 8/73 - 1/80 50BHP

IMPORTANT: SP and TP denotes single port and twin port. Please check your engine code before ordering as many Beetles no longer have their original engines, so using your car's production year or log book as a guide is not advisable.

VW Beetle engine parts

VW Heritage stock all the VW Beetle engine parts you could wish for, from replacement Beetle cylinder heads and barrels and pistons to air-cooled Beetle camshafts and tinware. As well as a full range of stock VW engine parts – both genuine VW and quality reproduction – we also offer a huge selection of VW Beetle performance engine parts from respected brands such as Scat, CB Performance, BMD, Bugpack, CSP and EMPI.

Starting with the VW Beetle crankcase, we have everything from case savers for repairing stripped cylinder head studs and repair studs for oil strainer covers to replacement crankcase hardware kits for use when rebuilding an air-cooled Beetle engine to brand new stock VW engine cases and aftermarket CB Performance aluminium race cases. If you are in the market to upgrade the performance of your air-cooled Beetle engine, we stock a selection of crankshafts from stock 69mm Beetle cranks up to counterweighted, forged stroker cranks in all popular engine sizes. Combine one of these with a set of aftermarket VW connecting rods and VW Beetle forged pistons and barrels and you have the basis of a high quality, high performance Beetle engine.

Also in stock are extra value air-cooled Beetle engine top end rebuild kits and replacement stock Beetle cylinder heads that allow you to rebuild your classic air-cooled Beetle engine at home. Alternatively, push the boat out and upgrade to a set of EMPI, Scat or CB Performance aftermarket Beetle cylinder heads, with specs from mild to wild, allowing you to build the air-cooled Beetle engine of your dreams.

With all the VW Beetle engine oil system parts, valvetrain components, classic Beetle tinware and the tools to do the job, VW Heritage truly is your one-stop shop for stock and performance air-cooled Beetle engine parts.

Remember, if you have a query about any of the Volkswagen Beetle engine parts we stock – or if you can’t find the VW Beetle engine part you require – just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

History Of The VW Beetle

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